Constantia Tennis Club is one of the largest tennis clubs in Cape Town. Our clubhouse and 9 courts are in excellent condition and we work hard to maintain these.


Social Play

Every Saturday from 2pm, there is open social play meaning members arrive and often there is a convener to organize play (primarily doubles). This is a great way to meet members and we encourage new and prospective members to pop-in and say hello. There is no charge for this.

Outside of Saturday Socials, most members organise play amongst themselves and weekdays from 4pm to 7pm our courts are often fully booked. Booking is made via our online booking system.


League is a great way to hone your tennis skills and we encourage all members to participate. We are active in the the following leagues:

  1. Mixed Doubles & Men’s Doubles League – Saturday afternoons, every February to April
  2. Singles (Men’s & Women’s) & Doubles (Men’s & Women’s) League – Saturday afternoons, every August to November
  3. Ladies Morning League – 9 to 11am Tuesday and Thursday, every February to May and August to November


Visitors are welcome subject to appropriate footwear. For more info, click here.

Tennis Lessons

Our resident coaching academy, the Tim Armstrong School of Tennis has an excellent reputation. For more info, click here.

*For further details please refer to the Member Handbook.